Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!OBAMA WON!!!! .... I was sleeping when they announced it and I found out from Ivtastic . I didnt wanna believe it or maybe I was to shocked . IDK .Im ultra happy YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!! I feel some type of way about this . I feel like so many things can get done now . Im not gonna say because he won I have hope with my future ,but I do feel like I have something to look forward to .Many people got killed for even thinking something like this could happen . People got killed to try to place a vote ,and when they could vote they had to go through absurd test that no one could pass. For instance , who the hell can pass a how many bubbles in a soup bar test ?, or how many gumdrops in a jar test ? WHATEVER ! Im not gonna say that only African Americans came up , but I think America came a long way in general . This just shows that with time ,determination , and extra hard work THINGS WILL GET DONE . This is encouraging . I know this blog is all over the place but my thoughts are scattered , so excited. ... When I can get all my thoughts together Ill probably write a better blog but until then TOODLES.

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SwizZ said...

I love this piece. You're right its not just about afro-Americans coming up..America surely has come a long way from a LOOOOONG way! It goes to show you, if we as a people can really come together, look what we can accomplish. Now if we could keep it this way OMG, America would be a force to be reckon with. But some people just to damn jealous to see what we have and what we can do for each other.