Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who Am I?

Who am I ? Lately I've been trying to figure out just who I am . I know that my name is Tasha but other than that who am I ? I know that I have major flaws . I can be a bitch at any given time . Im impatient , when I dont get what I want I get overly dramatic or depressed.I hate being lied to . If u lie to me that's that . Don't tell me one thing then act another way . On the days I don't feel beautiful to the world , I shut myself out . When I don't get affection or any type of love from people I care about, I don't feel wanted. I speak my mind as much as I can . I love to get lost in music . I feel like Im going down a long road and along this road , road signs come up telling me more and more about myself every so often .Everyday it seems like I learn more about me but I still don't know who Tash is .. When people say im a certain way or im different from anyone else I always ask for them to explain how so , because I wanna see what they see when they look at me .Things that I use to say no, I wouldn't do , or I would never feel this way are now makin me a liar. I promised myself I wouldn't let anyone in and everytime I speak to the person im doing just that . Its not a bad thing but im learning that Im not as tough or I can't hold back my feelings as much as I thought . I used to think I was this big rock . A lifeless object that just sits there . Doesn't have emotion and only way to see the inside is if u really crack me open . That's sad . This sucks and I hate when I feel like this .. I don't think anyone truly knows who they are but damn atleast they have an idea lol ..--Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick®=

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