Monday, January 05, 2009


New years was great. I brought it in with IV at his church . That was new to me because I never really go to church , so going on New Years Eve was kinda strange to me but it was cool . I would do it again . Church went great . Iv was GOIN IN on the drums .Dude is talented , had everybody movin , whether rockin their heads hard as hell (well heck in this case) , dancin or whatever the case may be I likes when he play .. I think he looks soooooo hot up there (but shhhhh dont tell him I said that lol ) ... His passion for drums is ULTRA DOPE .. lol..:::sigghhzz:: back to New Years Eve .So yea church was good and of curse it felt liek the preacher was talking directly to me . I cant really remember exactly what he was saying but it went in the lines of step away and to the side and things will go down . Meaning let things work on its own . Out With the Old In with the New type things.I had the key points typed ina text message to myself in my cell but that dropped about 3 hrs later and that text is lost in the sauce...Anywhoo after that I went to chill with family . Had fun with my lil cousins . So far the yr is looking good. I know its only 5 days in but still . I havent been stressing about anything . Im not as defensive . Im stepping away and to the side and things are handling theirselves.Me and Iv are good. Im breathing so thats always good.Im feeling good about myself and life. I hope this continues :)

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