Saturday, March 14, 2009


so im a little happy right now ...ivrito just came to see me (well about 45 minutes ago lol). he has to go out of state for a couple of days and he came to see cute? lol.. im kinda gleaming been feenin for a few days to be in his presence.. that sounds crazy lol but whatever just a mini post.. good day planned for me tomorro.T-CUBE is back in schmols and tamara are supposed to be goin to the wax museum in nyc .. we live like 15 minutes away from the city and still act like tourist lol but whateva...cant fn wait.. then later on me and the schmols are going to greekfest (party)..hopefully i have hella fun...hope my bebito have a safe trip... hope all is well with you guys..night blogspot lol :)