Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making HIS Band!!

so Iv went to the Making Diddys Band auditions in NYC.. so me and Steph came up with the lets be supportive.. I was just gonna be his mental cheerleader but ehh whatever we came up with these schnazzy posters lol.. We didnt go because he said he wasnt gonna go that morning , when he really did :( but whatever we showed him that night... he likes....So here are pics of the posters lol.. OOOO and he did good.. Its not the process people thinks but they didnt say "Pshhh wtf be out or tell him go hme so thats always .." Not really my place to go on about it but whatever ,,
poster time ...
I made this one

Steph made that one.. :)

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♥Miss T♥ said...

aaaauuuuuwwwwww!!!!!! hows freaking cute ... & ivory is an offical loser for leaving his cheerleader @ home lol