Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I wrote this blog earlier today ...

Motivation .. Im in class (well waiting for it to start) and that was the topic at hand. That topic has been brought up like 40 times within a week and maybe thas my problem . I have no motivation .. As much as that sucks maybe that's what it is .I feel like I push everyone to gofor what they want . I seem to be everyones support system or everyones mental cheerleader ..Where the fuck is mine ? Then ppl be on some Tash u really not gonna be there ? Like homie , you really NOT there for me so why should I continue being there for them .

Its good to know when u can call someone and they are ya support system regardless of what .Im building that up now ..Feels kinda good , when I feel like something NEW is coming up . I feel like im going in the right direction as of now ..A few things coming up and if I don't have a support team its cool ..Team Tash is in action lol .. Details are that I will do what I need to do for me before I continue worrying about others . Im going to venture off and do things I wanna do .. With some are .. Learning an instrument ... Going thrugh with an audition , im not model type but I wanna do photoshoots .. I also wanna join an organization .. I also wanna take steps to helping a country either Haiti or Africa ..thsoe are the ones in my interest right now . Soo these are some things . As far as the modeling and stuff .. I figure the worse they can say is no honey u aren't good enough . I can deal with that..anyways TEAM TASH is here ...Get wit it or get lost lol .. Adios--Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick®=

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