Sunday, March 29, 2009


So i saw her on the 21st and I was still beat to go see her the 24th ,, Why not??? So me and Steph took a good ol trip to the city , went to wet seal and waited about a good 2 hours to see her. Good thing it wasnt extremely cold.Oh well even if it was shes worth it .. :) .. I had to buy the cd twice. I bought it earlier that day at Target thinking i could just get it signed later that day , but when i got to Wet Seal they was like Nah homie u gotta buy it again .. I def did.. I was waitin on line then ppl form Virgin Megastore like well if yall dont wanna wait here Jim Jones , Freaky Zeaky , Dame Dash down the street im like "PSHHTTT NEGATIVE" lol.I was sooo ecstatic when she came out the car was gonna record it but i went retarted then i just lost it lol.. I had a 2 second convo with her.

I asked the guy if she could sign both cds hes like yea if u buy 2 , u get both signed.. so im all cheesy.. So she says" Oh she has two?? hmmm"with a smile .. Im like "yea" (like im 5 shakin my head and shit lol) .. Then she says "So who you givin the other one to?" "Nobody ,both mines""Ohhhh so one for the car one for the house, i got you" "Im like [lol] yea exactly"She did a lil laugh ..Then we took a pic .. Then she was like "High 5 for getting two " My goofy ass and my retarted hands got happy as hell ... I kno I must seem like a stalker or groupie but ehhh whatever good moment..

Then i take pics have a good ol time , me and steph like lets go to 34th to h and m , and forever 21 .. i lose my freakin bag with the camera and cds . I was on a crazyyyyy ass speed chase back to the store. I got it back yayyyyy!!! Oh well heres pics... and the album was good , some songs im like ehhh but still good album nonetheless..


Sentrell said...

awww im jealous

♥Miss T♥ said...

she is so pretty ... aaauuuwwww you got a pic with your fav singer lol