Friday, April 03, 2009

FN Walgreens

This post is loonngg overdue. I've been working at Walgreens for a little over 2.5 yrs now. I started the end of august of 06 and it truly sucks ass. I know I should be blessed because I have a job ,and I not complaining that Im working but oh emm gee that place reekss. Like its not the store itself or even customers at this point , its the dumbass people I work with. I have never met people that are lazy to that extent ..I know everyone has their off days but wtf everyday? Like they leave all the work for the people who work to do it ,.God forbid u tell them no , they catch little ass bitch fits . I just don't understand . Like did they wake up on the shit. Did they just decide hmm today im gonna do absolutely nothing at my job? Like I would love to know. Why have a job if u just gonna either sit there or walk around for 8 hrs. Im not saying im a perfect worker but sheeshh I do get MY job done

My job is on this team work shit. Fuckkk That . We are not getting team checks sooo why the hell should we practice team work. Its not a team is lil ol Tasha is doin everything now is it..Only a team when they need something done and they don't wanna do it??? I think not.

Now on to customers. I work in 2 stores. Both walgreens , but very different from each other .. One closes at10 , one is 24 hrs.. One is clean as hell , the other is a nasty ass mess. .. Im not saying the store I originaly work at is better but wthell its better. The customers steal crazy thing. Like there is no need to steal eye cream .They don't steal things I can see people needing like food , or baby stuff. They steal nail polish , condoms , douche, wthell. Parents bring their kids there and I guess walgreens is the baby sitter or somethin cuz the parents be no where in sight. Let their kids destruct the place. I just don't get it...

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