Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ive Been Tagggged. AND I TAG U ...(LITERALLY)

GorgeousGeek tagged me ... go check her out .

Things I look forward to:
1. as weird as this is but having a nice fun day at Dorney Park
2.Having my own car , and apt.
3. Some more tats i need to get before i start swimming ..def not good for the tat
4. Parasailing with my chicas , realllll soon i hope
5.Getting a pet , tryna get Lucky (this yorkie with swag lol) ..but if i cant then any small dog except a chihuahua theyre type annoying to me
6.lIGHT Traveling this yr ...V.A Beach ,N.C,S.C,G.A,F.L,.
7.My organization kicking off and goes the way I want .
8. Making a dope ass name for myself . Like i want to be internationally known for somethin good like my organization , and want it to be known in the music industry somehow ..not video chick known but yea u get me lol

8 Things I did yesterday:(Since its past 12..and the 25th ill answer accordingly lol)
1. Panicked cuz the starter went on my moms car while i was driving it so i was stuck on some lost ish ..
2.Spent a good portion of the day with Ivrito because he was the one that came to help me with the car... Yayyy
3.Prepared for The Coffee House on 5.1.09 (in paterson nj and wanna come hit me up).Made flyers , table thingys , bought coffee cups (cute lil to go ones) ,coffee creamers .. IM ON A ROLL.
4.Got mean mugged by this chick at Burger King. If looks could kill i would defff be on life support. We were orderin the food in the drivethru , im like iv she kno u he like nah food was all smooshed and shit ..WTF lol IVs was perfect ..B.D
5.Had a personal tour of Paterson , we literally drove all around the damn city lol
6.Got PAID!!
7.Watched Finale of For the Love of Ray J, Caught up on Making the Band 4 , and started watching Coming to America (finishing it now)
8.Started contemplating on what i should do with my hair ..New Cut perhaps hmmm?

(((im gonna go against the "rules" and add #9.. me and my friend stephanie spoke ... i kno thats nothing but me and her havent really spoken on good terms since april 4th at around 8 pm lol.. so we started catchin up thurs night i misseedddd her.)))

8 Shows I watch:
1. 30 Minute Meals (or anything Racheal Ray lol)
2.For The Love of Ray J
3.I Love Money
4.College Hill
5.Making the Band
6.Hannah Montana
7.All of Us
8.Anything Reality lol .. im dying(not really) to go on one of those

8 Bloggers Tagged:
1.Miss T
2.Why So Serious
3.Glamour Me Up
8.wants to do it!

I will put links to the blogs later . toooo tired right now

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