Wednesday, September 16, 2009

friends and ((their)) relationships

Why is it that some friends just dont get it ? Like im gonna be detailed as hell on what happened . Here goes nothing.Before I start im gonna throw it out there that I know I do not have a story book relationship . It gets rocky,and as of now we are on a "break " whatever that is but yea.
Iight so Im Tasha , my bebito is Ivory . My best friend is Stephanie , she goes out with Ivory's brother Ray.Ray is a cool dude that has bm drama .They are in love and all that jazz , which is cool .Me and Steph got in MANY arguments about how its okay for her to talk shit about me in my relationship but when it comes down to her its like , its the way u say it .LIKE WTF IS THAT . Am i toooooo real for u , should i start sugar coating shit ?
Not happening.
They go through arguments , and its like a never ending routine .. Good for awhile then he fucks up somehow then back at it. Meanwhile , Im hearing the stories from both sides on exactly what it is . Im not the type of girl that gets when a guy needs space. He has to com out and say ,"i need space." Even when he says it ill be looking around like ::well what do u mean:: lol . Its whack but its exactly how I am.She doesnt get it either ,then again Ray doesnt say unless he really has to even though he is feeling it .
Recently it was some dumbness that went on with them . They went throught the same routine of being good for a lil while , he doesnt wanna be bothered so he just ignore her .Not completely go M.I.A , just do shit to make her feel like damn where is he.
She became an instant "tough guy" .Sayin she not the tye of girl thats gonna stay in something , yadda yadda ya. She starts comparing all that Ivory does ,to the nothing Ray does .How the hell is it MY fault that her dude does nada . I mean he does work but no side activities , or school or nothing . How am I the blame for that? So anyways she starts comparing making herself feel bad and thats that .
Me being a friend I start to tell her 101728493588 times lie just cool it for awhile , just cool it , just cool it. She doesnt want to listen to me .She take it like im putting her down . I feel like if she is my friend she will listen to what Im saying rather than get offended by it .
Conclusion :: She will contunue to hibernate under his nutz... I dont care anymore . I may have lost a friend , (then again how much of friends were we if i cant bring shit up)... ehhhhh good riddance to u homie if thats the case.

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