Tuesday, August 24, 2010


three names i go by.
Tash - Tashito - Tashie
Three place i have lived.
Passaic all my life unfortunately
Three people who text/bbm me
Mandel - Tamara - Jade
Three fave drinks
Sweet Tea w/ Extra Ice - Grape Juice - YooHoo
Three favorite old shows
Martin - A Different World - Fresh Prince
Three tv shows i love
Everybody Hates Chris - The Game - Alot of those Bridezilla-esque /fashion & decorating shows
Three fave dishes
Baked Ziti -Chicken Alfredo -Cabbage w/pork and rice YUMMM!!
Three place i have been
All in the states but :::South Carolina , The Village in NY (DEF WORTH MENTIONING)- Gulf Of Mexico
Three beauty/makeup products i can't live without
Mascara - Leave In Conditioner -Blistex
Three places i would like to visit
Most of Europe - Bahamus - Hawaii
Three things i'm looking forward to
Starting a successful career - Having the world know who I am for good reasons - Getting over all of my self doubt/insecurities
Three jobs i have had
Party City (fxck them )-Cooking in Chez Technique ((the restaurant at my h.s )) - Walgreens ....the death of me for the past 4 yrs lol.

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