Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hair Status

Okay so Im a member of K.I.S.S. (CHECK IT OUT: its great hair care and more there I LOVE THE SITE).. and im starting to once again take care of my hair . I established my hair journey on Sept 12 , i went to the salon 2 days after my relaxer and got the ends clipped which pretty much became a cut. She cute off way more than i wanted but almost a month and a half later i think my hair is back on track and quite healthy . Ive been deep conditioning and washing it often . I wish i could say the products but it varies almost every wash :-( (trying to find the right products so i can finally stick with one). I got my hair blowdried by a Dominican woman . I dont think I would constantly get that done because there has to be some type of damage doing that because the heat is on extreme and they pull your hair to get it straight to the max. I would probably do it once every 2 weeks after my 6 weeks post relaxer , and after a very deep , deep conditioner .You can check out pics on ... ill start posting pics on here once i get used to things... until next time :-) have a great day !


Gorgeous Geek said...

I am trying to do right by my hair ... =]
I love dominican salons, I do agree that the blow dryer is something serious!
Since I had my hair out the entire summer, i am currently rocking a sew-in to give it a little break...


A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

I want to try a sew in buit i dont really like the way ppl do it around here :(