Thursday, October 30, 2008


Okay , so halloween is tomorro and I still have no clue what im doing . I think this would probably be the first time since my trick or treating days that I actually want to go out and get dressed . At first I wanted to be the joker but sexy . Like wear a purple vest with a green tie and a lil purple skirt wiht heels and have his makeup buttt ehhh im not to excited for that anymore.So now i think im gonna be a good ol school girl .Unifrm skirt , wife beater and tie , heels knee highs , pigtails ,and some shorts that say somethin on the fanny part idk idk . I cant wait .If i ever got up to go get the skirt ill be okay I just dont feel like it though ;( ... but oh wells ..I hope everyone is safe tomorro because people act reckless on certain days for no reason . I guess they feel as though shootin up a place , or egging peoples car is having fun .. CORRECTION : ITS WHACK . Idk why i babbled about that but anywhoo until next time <3

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