Thursday, October 30, 2008

halloween plans canceled ;(

Okay so about 12 hrs ago i was ultra excited about halloween ,now i could care less. I was thinking im trying to have my own place by next yr around this time , and a car by febraury i need to save money . If i can still have fun without going crazy with money im good . So me and my friend Steph are just gonna get dressed up at work and probably go see Saw V or something idk idk ..I bought these turquoise and gray fairy wings and she got yellow and orange ,my manager is gonna be a dark angel with black wings . So i think it might be a little cool to walk around Walgreens like that .Im gonna try to save atleast 100 dollars or so a check . if that means i have to minimize my phone plan , or make my own food at home for awhile then so be it . Im not trying to be like 25 at my mothers house.SO I GOTTA SAVE SAVE SAVE..until next time ..toodless:)

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