Tuesday, November 04, 2008


YAYYYY!!! The time we've all been waiting for is here .This is my first time voting and I must say , I AM ULTRA HAPPY YET HELLA NERVOUS ABOUT THIS . Im not going to say who you should vote for because you vote for who you believe is right but PLEASSEEE DON'T FORGET TO VOTE. Please dont be one of those people that complain about the country when you pretty much do nothing to contribute to it . EVERY vote counts. Dont think oh it doesnt count , oh my stomach hurts , oh I have gas , or let anything else that simple ,stop yoy from being apart of this very historical election. Please dont jump on the bandwagon either. Read up on them , youtube the debates and other speeches and go from there. Dont jump on the bandwagan and go well I dont wanna be apart of the losing team and pick someone else because you think everyone is voting for someone other than what you originally choose.sooo yea PLLEEASE DONT FORGET TO VOTE.....gotta try to review over this midterm ..:) toodles

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