Sunday, November 02, 2008


I went to church today . I haven't been to church since the time I went to S.C in the summer, and the time before that i believe was in January . As far as me and religion goes , I don't really understand it . I believe in God and I know that his son Jesus died for our sins . I don't like hypocritical churches though . The ones that ask for all of your money to put the preacher in a new house , or car , or trips to Las Vegas lol or wherever or whatever else the preacher needs money for .Sorry but that does NOT work for me. As far as I thought ,I thought the money for the church was exactly that . MONEY FOR THE CHURCH . I thought the money for the church was for the up keeping of the church . I guess I was wrong .I don't like churches that judge you by what you wear .If your wearing jeans it shouldn't matter . Its not proper ,but some people don't have money to go out and buy the clothes but like i said before it shouldn't matter . If they came to praise him then why judge ? I don't like when people claim they have "the holy ghost' but as soon as the music stop they don't have it anymore. WHATTTTT THE HECK ? If the Lord is speaking to you and he is touching your soul then let him touch it , don't let it stop as soon as the song is done . I know some people would say hmmmmm he's speaking to me through the song , sorry but I'm not buying it. ..:......................................................................................................... .Anywho back to me and my church experience today . I liked it . Bebito was doin his thing on the drums . I personally don't think he could do things like he wanted to ..(Cant wait to go to a performance .. whenever that is )..I was nervous as heck . I should have paid attention to the pastor more but i did get something out of it . I wrote down a few quotes that kinda stood out the most .. "He takes some things out of you to put some things in you ".I like that because i was just wondering why people have left me , and why have things or people that I thought were important to me just left , then i realized better people came in my life so that all tied together. "Life isn't about the destination its about the journey to reach it "...... I like this one because its hot .According to a friend ,Rev Run said it too but regardless of where it came from I liked it."Some of you are you're own worst enemies ".I don't have a reason why i like it . I just do .I haven't been to church in awhilllle and i didn't know that they SHOUTED OUT the visitors. We filled out a card and im thinking they were gonna email or mail us info. about upcoming events or other info about the church , so I'm calm and relaxed. Next thing you know , when it was time for Visitors Greetings they said "We're gonna ask the visitors to stand when their name is called ," I looked around like WTF???!!! They said my mothers name she was like ooohhh no i am not standing up and I made her stand lol. I made her stand and I was scared as hell too , I don't think that half a stand counts as a stand but whatever .. Anywhoo I want Ivtastic to call ,,, until next time ... :)

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