Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Finding my "Q"

As the majority knows , I absolutely LOVE DAWN AND Q. I love how they look at each other . I love how they talk to each other . I love how they soothe and comfort each other after stressful days . Things probably aren't what they seem ,but I truly believe what they have is real ..Ive been through alot of b.s with males but you ultimately kno when the person you have is right for u. He isnt about b.s , he isnt making excuses on why he cant see you for a month or two straight . If you need him he has a bigger reason of why he cant help you . Thats exactly what you DONT WANT.Theres a quote that says "In your life nobody has ever abused you more than you have abused yourself... and the limit of your self abuse is exactly the limit of abuse that you will tolerate from someone else". I believe this to death .If you let someone abuse you in any type of way you are basically abusing yourself. You may not believe it at the moment but when you find someone to swoon you away with a kiss , or with how theyre treating you in a little bit of time , that's when you realize the last guy treated you like shit .You need to appreciate yourself to realize you need to be appreciated...Now on to me and finding my Q. I yearn for someone to make me feel complete. Crave his touch , kiss , voice , smell , everything .Makes me feel "refreshed", or lifted when I'm talkin to him . When the person is away from you your not necessarily sad but things just aren't right .I want to feel and know that I'm wanted. I want someone to look at my flaws and think they're hot . Someone to tell me I'm beautiful , even when I feel like I'm at my worse. Someone to share their self with me. Connect with on another level . Have that special vibe that proves it is possible. Someone not like the rest of the lames. Brings me into his space with open arms. Wants me around as much as I want him around . Teaches me things indirectly. Idk just makes you happy with a thought .... SIGHHHHHH::BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE RIGHT NOW LOL:: ... SOOOOOO this just leaves me to the question Did I find my Q in I?


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yayyyyyyyy you found her repotsirc