Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So i wrote a blog about things I hate , now its time to the more positive side of things.. They arent listed in any particular order...

I loveee ice lol . I know that's weird but i love to eat ice. I'm anemic and its one of my cravings. I think that's one of the more normal cravings because some people crave clay , dirt , or paper. So ill stick to my ice. Idk why but i love ice from quick check .. I've been to like 5 .. In v.a ,pa.i think in delaware ,jersey of course and they all have this nice textured ice . Its not on brick status , its just right .. YUUMMMMMM!! lol

i love my friends...I don't tell them this often but I LOVE YOU GUYS . Its not everyday that I see or talk to them but at the end of the day i kno they're there for me like I'm there for them . I don't have many friends , and actually i like it like this . The ones I do have I cherish them and wouldn't trade them for the world. With all of my friends we've been through so much and there would be no love loss. AWW im getting teary eyed. <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_15">yall.

I love Love.The idea of me falling madly in love is soooooo hot to me . I think theres someone for everyone . When I see people walking , holding hands , whispering in each other ears , gazing into each other eyes , or simply at a bookstore chillin there but u can still feel their connection , i get soooo happy for them . When I see Dawn and Q or Barack and Michelle Obama I go bizurk . The love these people seem to have is something I am dying to get . Knowing that at the end of the day i have my other half is there , and would do whatever for me is what I need and long for.

I love learning . Whether its learning how to do a proper manicure , how to put on eyeliner , how to say all the presidents in order in about a minute with no hesitations is something i need lol . i need to learn something. Everyday is another oppurtunity to learn something . Learning can be anything . Learning about how lame guys can be sometimes still qualifies at learning because its something you really didnt kno before.

I love magazines. I have some dated back from 2004 i think . I have no idea why i keep them but I love them . I go back to them sometimes in reference to things. I have magazines I bought and havent even looked at yet. Idk i need them in my life. They range from Jazz Magazine , to Cosmopolitan to Seventeen . 3 completely diff types of magazines. Idk like i said before Im in love with them .

I love youtube. Idk why but its so interesting to me . I recently saw this guy get smacked harder than ever .. LMAO .. type in super bitch slap .. its hilarious . This type of thing entertain me . Its also very informative . I learned how to flat iron my hair and make it flow , learned some things about history , and the election .I also learned how to do alot of the single ladies dance lol . Youtube is very informative to me so this goes with me loving to learn lol..

I love Laser Tag . I almost passed out the first time because I had on hella clothes and I didnt realize we would be running around for a good 15 minutes lol .. Other than that experience I love that game . Im down to play that whenever .. BRING IT ON lol..

I love MUSIC. I cant stress this enough . I like to analyze it ,listen to it , used to write it back in the day when i wanted to be a rapper back in 7th grade lmao but im deaddddd serious.I dont know how to play any type of instrument , and i barely kno how to tell some apart ,but i really believe i have a passion for music. I dont limit myself to one or two types . I can listen to pretty much anything and find something I love about it . SIGHS it may be a career choice hmmm . Im apart of a band I play the TRIANGLE .. (insider lol) ..Ohhhh and im thinking baout learning an instrument . It might just be the drums , so i can compete with someone lol .. :) innocent smile

I love NYC AND S.C . The lights and constant action is sooooooo HOT . There isnt a day when i dont want to go to nyc . I love S.C because thats like home to me . Pretty much all my family is there . Ive been going there almost once a yr since i was 2 weeks old . Its the exact opposite of NYC but who cares lol . Lately ive realized im to fast paced for it but its definately a place to go to take your mind off of things. <br.
I love Cleatis . Enough said.

I think thats it for now , imhaving mental constipation and nothing else is coming to me , so until next time :)

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