Friday, December 19, 2008

12.19.08 1/2 lol

Okay sooooo only half of the day (well a little more) has passed sooooo here goes. Today is going smooottthhly so far. No stress , no worried. I have everyones christmas gift down. Most of them are from the heart .. Thats rare as hell these days because people think if youre not spending hella cash on them then it isnt worth it but guess what F U lol .. im putting myself through college and Im giving gifts that should make any person with any type of decency say aww because its from the heart , and u can keep and remember it FOREVER...Im contemplating on changing the huge ass pic on my blog but some people like it sooo maybe not .. It looks like im in deep thought , and when youre writing your brain is in deep thought soooo it goes together somehow . Today my cousin did the cutest and funniest thing . Well not really but anywho .. So his dad was shoveling around here or whatever and I see him crying . So im like why u crying , he like its to cold im like thats why u not outside . So then he still crying. Im like sooo u wanna go tot he store , TEARS DRIED UP ULTRA FAST .. Im like wait wasnt u just crying , he looked at me with the saddest eyes and said yea i wanna go to the store. KODAK MOMENT . lol soo cute

I CANT WAIT TILL TUESDAY . i think im gonna get my tat . YAYYYYYYY!!! I dont wanna give what it is away just yet , soooo youll have to stay tuned lol. But yea I have the perfect place for it , it means something to me . I know hella people probably have it but I love it and I can see this on me 90 yrs from now . Thats some things to consider when getting one , in my opinion . I think : hmmmm am i gonna want this 5 - 90 yrs from now ? Hell am i gonna want it the day after i get it ? Well it get all saggy and looked deranged if my skin stretches the slightest bit ? Is it in a spot that I can still get a professional job?

I know this blog is all over the place but so is my mind... My brain is like 1000000 miles away .. FOR REAL . I DEFINATELY DONT WANNA BE IN JERZ RIGHT NOW ... Its snowing which is pretty but its hella nasty outside. People are driving dumb as hell using snow as the excuse . Half of these people cant drive when its dry and sunny outside so ehhh .Ill post pics on the magnificent yet disgusting snow... Wellllppp off to works now.. I gotta put this blogger on my phone so when im pissed the f off at work or when i see something or when im just having my random thoughts i can just put them here.. so thats def on the to do list.. :).

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