Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Grinch

I love the Grinch and make sure i watch it every yr but this yr everything seemed so different . Maybe because I was analyzing it way to much but its hilarious ..

somethings i realized : Cindy's bangs are dope
The grinch himself is hellllla dramatic
He couldnt stop the sleigh from fallin but he could pick it up lol
His heart was beatin ultra hard to be able to see this through the shirt
When they sing the last song arund the dree its hilarious lol he says FAAA WHOOO HAAA WHOOOO the whole time
he has a mohawk
and he wears no pants

maybe im a lame o but this is hilarious lol


♥Miss T said...

ommg inspector gadget ... only u noticed all that stuff in the movie lmao ... u r 2 funny

akoop said...

...only u right?