Sunday, December 21, 2008

Massive Passion

I have this massive passion for something. It makes my heart whole. I need it , dont know what to do without it .I wake up , eat , start my day , end my day , go to sleep , take a shower , do everything else with the thought of it. Its part of my daily routine. I dont know where it came from , I do know its never going to leave.It does disspoint me at times but I get over it . I hear it and my mind is calm , i can relate soooooooooo much to it .Whether good , bad , sad , or even dangerous ... we go through it together.I hear it when its at its most harmonic and i seriously shed a tear. Hearing how in depth it goes is amazing to me .Knowing that with a slight change its almost completely different ,makes me more intrigued about what else it can do.I have a thing for it . .Eases my mind. Relaxes my body .I don't do drugs but I do get a high from this. Loves me , and I love it back . It does what it has to do for me . Like I said before I dont know where my love for this special thing came from but I do know it is never going to leave.


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that blog was dope.. tash i like it alot!