Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Today was quite an interesting day .Woke up early to go to nyc with Quiona . I absolutely love that place. so much action , something to do all the time, and the pizza is great YUM YUM IN MY TUM TUM. So I met up with Schmike , His friend Trent , and Broke Man...(JUST PLAYING I FORGOT YOUR NAME :/ ).. So I had it in my mind that I probably wasnt gonna get the tattoo today . My Schmols wanted to come but couldnt . I was mainly pricing ,because I didnt wanna go all over nyc just to pay the same where i was at . First guy said 80 but i didnt click with him . Like everything was cool but idk . Then we walked around , went in the huge ass macys , chilled in McDonalds ,went to a few other stores then im like wait its like 220 i want my tat .. it was calling me lol/ Nervous excitement came over me big time.


So we was about to go on the train and im liek this sucks its only one tattoo place in the area (the one i went to the first time) , I wish it was another one close .Schmike looked up and was like its one right there called Black Fish.. YAYYYYY!!! LOL. So we went in and it was pretty cool. It was jewelry and accessories on the bottom , and the clothes and tatto place on top . But it was like a lil boutique type thing with urban clothes. Like not a actual store. I liked it . The decor was weird. It was deer head and stuffed squirrels and ish liek that . So i ask the guy the price and stuff and he was like 80 im like coool beans . The place was ultra clean , so i was like give me a minute tohave a group meeting. I got my friends input on it or whatever they gave it 2 thumbs up well 4 in this case , so that was cool for me . Then we each looked in a book to see his work and everything was nice, and on point. The lines were extra crisp . The Tattoo guy made you feel ultra comfortable. He didnt rush u , when i told him to give me a minute he said cool no problem , where as when i said ill be right back in the other place the guy was like we can do it now .. I dont like when people rush stuff like a tattoo , this will be with you forever sometimes u need to think ya kno ?So yea anyways , he let schmike and qui go in the room and actually record it the place with my first tattoo was like in a closed room with only a mirror lol but whateva. I originally wanted it on my neck but i asked him questions and he let me know that the neck stretches and it can wear out .I like that he told me he coulda been like get it where u want and thats that.All in all it was great . The tattoo didnt hurt . It actually felt good at times. A weird feeling . It feels good at the same time there's a pain . IDK BUT I LIKES LOL. ..It was ultra fast . Like about 20 minutes total.

So I was ultra gassed today until my cousin annoyed the hell out of me afterwards but anyways . I saw my Schmike , and Quiona and I havent seen them in a minute.. I love them .. Here are some pics... Ate this ish in like 3 minutes tops lol...sooo yummy


akoop_pooka said...

straight killed that pizza..lol
I woulda did the same, glad you got yah tat though...&&& in such a great spot!..now its my turn?

Slim Trim Kid said...

Fun ass day! I was happy as hell to see you. When are you putting up the recording I have to see your faces too funny. Love ya Tash :)

P.S. His 'Broke Man' name is Richard, lol