Saturday, March 07, 2009

Boredom:1-Relationships and Titles.

Boredom has definitely sit in. Its the im tired but I def dont wanna go to sleep bored ,and the I should be doing something productive with myself bored but I dont want to do that either.. EH!!
So a few things have been on my mind... Nothing major but things im noticing . im gonna write a few blogs based on these observations :)
1)Relationships and Titles...
The Iv and I have been talking for a little minute now . Im kinda proud at that actually ,because a lot of relationships dont make it that long . Mind you me and him arent an 'OFFICIAL COUPLE" ... We have our ups and downs . Sometimes things get verrryyy hard to deal with . One of us probably doesnt want to be bothered with the other , or overwhelmed by the other.We have different opinions about things , so that sometimes put things in wthell mode.We have strong feelings 4 each other ..its noticeable , people see our connection lol.All in all he has my back for whatever , i have his for whatever , he is there for me , im there for him , im his ducky , hes my bebito lol .... (you get the point) Everything is there except the title.
Did it bother me at first? HELL YES!..
Do i still want to officially be his girl? Hell YES !..
Am i going to continusly bring it up ?HECK NO!..
I know some people are probably like what the hell, and have a list of reasons why the title matters butttt i guess me and him are the weirdos lol. I mean at times I do get curious like WHY THE HELL has it not happened ,but everything has its time .I mean me and him are there for each other , and we are actually doing quite good so its like why do we NEED the title right now .As some of you may know that title can sometimes break a relationship. Everything is there before the title , good times , laughter , affection and all this stuff but as soon as the title comes in things can do a 360 for real . People may start to slack , they may feel a little trapped...just alot of b.s . I guess me and him are going through this little introductory period. Im feeling him out , he's feeling me out . We are both seeing if this is who we want to start something with , accepting flaws , just pretty much seeing if we can deal with each other type thing..Its kind of weird . I KNOW! lol but its working for us . As stated before ,titles can break relationships. Not to bring up anyone relationships but I know a few people who were great before the title . Shortly after they became official , things just changed for the better. Either she expected him to be a better boyfriend , or he slacked off . Maybe he just got comfortable with knowing that she was going to be there regardless so he felt he didnt really have to do anything but nonetheless things got worse..
This has been on the dome for awhile because a lot of people have been questioning me ... Any thoughts , opinions , comments , anything lol let me know :)

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