Saturday, March 07, 2009


I think holidays are SOOOOO overrated. Im not going to say all of them but the ones I really pay attention to , Christmas , Thanksgiving , Valentines Day , New Years , .... (i think thats it , thats all i can think of lol)..

With Thanksgiving the story behind it is kinda ehh. Yea the Pilgrims and Indians were having a little shindig , thanking each other and all that but it was b.s because the pilgrims killed the damn indians right after. WHAT ???!!!! Fattening them up to kill them affect IDK .. So the whole concept is understandable , and how people go o.d with food because thats how the first Thanksgiving was spent but still . Personally my family is following it the original way . (If you read earlier post , youll see I dont really care for my family ...keep that in mind) . My family usually have this big ass "shindig" thanking each other for each other , and all this hooplah .. To me its a bunch of b.s and shortly after the meal or a few days later they are back at each other throats . They arent killing each other ,but the hatred is still there.. Im always like hmmmm.. isnt that the same person u was putting on an act for on Thanksgiving , saying you're thankful and all this other b.s UGH! MOVING ON..

Christmas is a bit overrated to ...not to mention EXPENSIVE . People dont settle for gifts from the heart anymore they want cars and ish these days lol . The real story behind Christmas isnt about gifts either but whatever.

Valentines Day....HMMMM . So this was my first time with a Valentine . Did I feed into the hype? YES !! lol.I dispise the whole roses , and chocolate thing though . Me and the Iv went to Cracker Barrel 2.13 and it was pretty cool.We exchanged gifts although i kinda requested that we didnt . I didnt want any type of chocolate , no roses ,nothing major . Just wanted to spend the day with him.I did want a big ass teddy bear , gorrilla , frog ..anything lol just wanted it to be big , and he got it for me YAYY ! lol .. Her name is Zildjian (if youre into instruments and things of that sort, its a company that makes cymbals , mallets , drumsticks .. things of that nature). Me being the sentimental dweeb that I am , I got him drumsticks with his name engraved on them , a dog tag that had this cute lil message ,this gorilla and a pic of us.. anyways back to my story. That day is kinda full of crud because if you love or care about the person why is that only day some people show affection...

I think yall get my point ... some holidays
are eck!!!!

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