Wednesday, March 11, 2009


IDK WHUSSUP WITH ME RIHGT NOW BUT IM IN TEARS ... i have absolutely positively no idea why and it sucks . Im trying to tell myself things arent that bad but truth of the matter is i dont evn know the "things" im referring to . Yea im feeling unwanted , unappreciative and a few other things but these feelings arent new. Like they arent feelings Ive never had. Maybe im over exaggerating or "o'dn " as iv would say but wthell..I truly hate days like this . Sulky and ish like that for NOOO reason ..Anyways going to sleep now . Today(since its past 12 ) is a new day ..

1 comment:

Latoya said...

aw sweetie dont cry

sometimes I be the same way ughhh and it does sucks.