Tuesday, March 10, 2009

...7 lbs

So i spoke to Ivory about my feelings of being unwanted and things of that nature . I told him how I didnt ask anyone for anything yet no one can ever deliver things when i do ask . He then went on to say well Id give you a lung if you needed one . I GOT STUNNED!! Maybe im wrong but I was like you cant live with just one lung .. So then I told him "babe you kno you cant live with just one lung " He was like well Id give you my kidney . Im like aww either way its cute , the lung was cuter he was liek you took it back by saying that . Im like what you mean , he was like I meant the lung thing ,if you needed it its yours , sort of like seven pounds.. Meaning whether I can live with one or not he'd give it to me ..Im like OH EM GEE .. It kinda makes me re evaluate some things at the same time the feeling of being unwanted is still here. Maybe people just dont express that im a priority but I def need to know these things. I am happy and kinda gassed that he would say somehting like that . I asked him like 9 times did he mean it he was like yea . IM LIKE OHHH EMM GEE lol....anyways back to feeling unwanted..

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