Tuesday, March 03, 2009


OK.. so tired of a few things at this point . Like paparrazi , society , media , all that other b.s has gotten boring .

So hmmmm , whadyakno..I had noo o o o o idea that when a man hits a women the world stopped , held their breath , and didnt proceed until they got further news. Like I am sooo done with hearing about the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation . STFU already . Im not saying it was right for him to hit her , Im not really saying anything about it because I wasnt there , and I damn sure have no clue what was going on behind closed doors but WTH world move on. Im sure they are cuddled up somewhere right now as I type this . I dont feel like its right for any man to put their hands on a women but I also dont think its right for any women to put their hands on a man . Women tend to think that just because they are a woman its a ok for them to just beat the hell out of a guy ..WRONG !! Im sure if I constantly put my hands to Iv and we arent in boxing mode , or playing then at one point in time or another he might just flip out and hit my ass... Yes you can walk away , yes you can take it but men are human just like women . I dont condone (sp) violence at all whether man and man , women and women , man and women , and anything else in between lol . Self Defense, yes!!! In anycase Im tired of it . Im sure they are continuin their lives. Probably chillin together right now ..Maybe I sound like a dumbass but these are my thoughts. LET THIS STORY DIE ALREADY ..