Sunday, February 22, 2009

info about ...

Okay So I know IM LOOOONNNGG overdue for the 25things about you thing on facebook oh well here goes...

1]Tash is just a tad bit crazy {{[SERIOUSLY]}}.. And if I get called crazy ill definitely show you .. kinda like Hitch when he was called asshole he showed it ... yea , that same affect..

2]C.R.E.A.M [DOLLA DOLLA BILL YALLS ..LMAO SCHMOLS].Gotta go after it , it will def. not come after you..

3]I absolutely {[{LOVE}]} musicians..

4]I would do WHATEVER for the very few people i deal with .

5]I hate girls with a passion but i <3>
6]Peter Piper is me and the Schmols theme song ..eki errrrrr [insider]

7]Blogging is my thing.

8]I ALWAYS carry a camera, my phone , and some sort of music.

9]I have absolutely no idea what my career choice will be..:(

10]Im infatuated with cutting my hair although i always complain later.

11]Terrified of big bodies of water &Bridges make my fanny tight...yikes!

12]Ghetto people , ignorance, nasty weaves , bad hygiene (bad teeth , greasy looking etc..) are a few of my pet peeves.

13]Tiara is my boyfriend when I dont wanna be bothered with guys .

14]I hate straws , bottle tops , dirty tables (crumbs and things of that nature) ,things that look like gunk , and empty or half empty water bottles ..idk why but yuck at all of those lol

15]Im going to retire @ 36 .. I dont know how but it WILL happen.

16]Really diggin piercing and tattoos ,,only 2 piercings and 2 tattoos so far..but more are definitely on the way ...:)..

17]I take myspace WAYYYYYYY to seriously.

18]Im extremely jealous Bust Your Windows Jealous..{seriously}

19]I feel that blk people use wayyyy to many excuses.For instance, the white man put blks down , or im broke because the white man wont give me a job , because im blk i have strikes against me ,my president blk so i can do whatever now . Like wthell sooo ignorant . So many blk people have come up so yea if you use those excuses youre just an ass.(Not all blk ppl of course , and not saying that blacks are the only ones to do it but this is what im surrounded by and hear the most).:(

20]I have a ridiculous amount of insiders ... (do the dee dee , baby mike , oohhh nooo baby noo...) lol

21]I kinda hate when people say Tasha .. I know its my name but I feel like the person is mad or on serious mode when they say Tasha .. I prefer TASH.

22]fact:this b.s took me wayyyyy to long to think of.

23]Chanel is my alter ego.

24]Although I complain , and never do this . I actually like to cook . Culinary at Tech kinda turned me off to it but i like experimenting with foods and spices and stuff :/..

25]Im from another planet.. Planet SABEYYAA ... SHALOOMM (LMAO SCHMOLS)

26]Im kinda scared of religion . I know youre probably like wthell but its coming to me slowly but surely .
27]I get taken advantage of alot .
28]I hold grudges .
30]Love when people talk shit , or tough ... it keeps me on top of mine.and it shows me youre not happy with yourself so u rather talk about something better (ME_ .. lol..
31]Scared of Love...
32]I hate when people say im skinny .. ughhhh
33]I think i might just die young because of respitory failure:(
34]Determined to go atleast 40 places before im 40 (out of country)thats all for now..


SentrellMichelle♥ said...

me too #8....where have you been girl? You havent blogged in a little minute?

A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

lol IM BACKKK.. just had alot goin on