Saturday, May 09, 2009


So I'm on my way to work its 7:48 and I feel like discussing my hair. Okay so yesterday I decided to get a new flat iron .I just had some lousy conair ..well not lousy cuz it did what I needed it to for awhile (like a yr ) anyways I go to sally beauty supply and I'm like what's a good flat iron for aroun 80 or so ..She decided to not answer the question and start dianosing my hair . Like my hair look hit was flat ironed but like stated b4 it was time for a new one . And the humidty was somethin crazy so yeahair looked hit ..
she proceeded to tell me how I have. Breakage and all this other shit . I'm like mkay so what do u suggest . (I kno I have breakage I'm workin on it btw) .. she suggest a product but they don't even have the ish so I'm like mkayy thanks . Then she proceeds to tell me how the back of my hair is shorter in the back from breakage..NO HONEY its shorter in the back from scissors dumbass. Like damn I'm like well ima get some aphogee 2min reconstructor and be on my way ..she's like noo that's not good for your hair . That's if u have a brazillian straightner.. now I'm like wtf r u tlkn about ..maybe she's right but like don't say NO u can't get that like .It worked b4 back in august when I was usin it but I never bought anymore but whatever.. she's like ya hair is very dry also I'm like well actually its not I let the dummy feel it then she's like oookkk wow .so I'm like mmhhmm. I don't get it lol .. anyways needless to say she got on my nerves aanndd I didn't buy anything .. iddiioot
but on a good note i cut my hair on may1st ..then cut it a lil more on may2nd lol so its a lil longer in front and short in the back.. a bob i do have breakage im workin on tghat pics comin soon..