Sunday, May 10, 2009

My weekend

This weekend was pretty good . Friday night my friend Quiona hit me up or whatever we tried to get into this party but got DENIED lolso we drove around literally . Fun night . We even went to the fire station the fire fighters was lookin like WTF lmao ..Yesterday was pt 2 . Me , her , sha sha , and anthony went out to eat and bowlin .It was supposed to be like 10 more lol but theyre lame but w.e .Still had fun People was thinkin it was a double date im like NAHHH homie lol. Esp the waitress at Grand Luxe. Im like MS .... WE ARENT TOGETHER.AT ALL!! lol. Anyways good times..

dont mind the hat lol.. its not mine (atleast not until i buy my own) i think i look dope with them on.. OOOO and i kno some ppl are gonna think somethin . I SHAVE UNDER MY ARMS LOL (its a shadow)lol ...

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