Thursday, June 11, 2009


This may make no sense at all . woke up @ like 5:50 with this beatin on my brain so here goes::

So I seem to get physical lately ,nothing is incidintal ,no one understands what goes on in my brain . It was often just my emotions that had me saying stuff ,but now im doing things that may get me in trouble . Sucks when its just me , trying to let it be u . Seems like its us against the universe ,so my thoughts or hopes of "us" arent happening.I do the best that I can , to be the best u had . Not really working out though , I need someone who can be liberal without a fight .(take a stand for me , like i always do for u).I dont want her living there , seriously im shook . Cant believe ya fam would disespect me like that , i cant fight back . idk what to do , just only wanted it to be me and u . see im trying to hold on , at this point its not working though .
One would think LOVE would be enough .But damn , guess u wasnt expectin that word , probably hit u type hard.No need i steady denying the shit , why u think I was riding us so hard ... for Like?? LMFAO fuck outta here , yea right. Go hard for someone , pour your heart out ,give them you in every way . Guess thats not cuttin it . People hate to see us together , love when Im miserable though . 2 words to them :: FUCK YOU. PPL sayin I can do better , somethin in my brain is sayin i dont want better , I want Iv .
No , we havent had the strongest relationship. There were def many times I just felt the need to give up.You had me cryin , was actin dumb , started lyin . We both get tired of the shit so we wanted out . Shit got to tough , neither one of us need the stress. Somethin stronger than the dumb shit keepin us together. Now another obstacle? For real , a-fucking-nother one? Crazy cuz this time its not even either one of our faults.We cant win. Damn I just wanna be on chill mode , how it was when we first met . Laughin , chillin , goin hard together. It was young .We was each others but ppl def aint go THIS hard trying to kill "it". U let that get to u , ate your ego pills and then u get so ugh!.can I get a good amount of time with u b4 more b.s happend?? Shit let me cope wit the last dumb ish . Its undeniable that we got a thing for each other. So wtf is up with this shit . Feel my pain on this one . I dont like this situatuon so u need to change it for real . this shit is ridiculous.UGH fuck my life . seriously . cant lie and say im going to let her stop this . we r to strong for it . we are like the litte engine who could . dead ass . jus had to vent my feelings to u in a diff light , for once.

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