Thursday, June 11, 2009

more of my thoughts atm

Knock me down constantly when Im at my highest . stomp me even further down when im at my lowest. Those ppl are sorry ass lames , who will never make it any further than fuking with me , trying to bring me down . Silly Rabbit, Im movin regardless of how hard u try to cement me here. If all all dumb asses ws smart yall would move with me . While Im movin u plottin ya next move on shooti me down . While im down im plottin my next move on how ima get back up and go harder than b4.Why havent people learned yet? U can not fuck with a true go getter . U just cant . So no matter how hard all the dumbasses try to fuck up my life, youre gonna end up fucking up yours. Worthless scoundrels . Now bite on tha , bitch .

(this wasnt directed to anyone in specific,UNLESS u knock me down in any way . If you shun me , hate to see me happy this is for you too . If knocking me down is your hobby , wait . If knocking me down is your career , by all means keep going . I may ge weak ,bu betta believe when I get over he emotional stages of shit I ammmmm stronger than b4 . Write that shit down and think about it.)

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