Monday, June 01, 2009

hair again

okay so no twist out for me. hurt to much to part it. i just blowdried it a lil not really concentratin on the roots because it hurt like hell and put it in a lil pony ...but i bought johnsons no more tangles tonight and put it in the middle of my head to see how it works,because the new growth there is ridic . very thick and hard to manage at this point . the johnsons made all the tangles and whatever else that was going on in there just dissappear omg sooo bangin . So ill try to do the twist out on saturday for sunday .. If that doesnt wrk im screwed lol. Ill just have to go somewhere and have them do it although i was trying to save dough ..
anyways try the johnsons detangling spray .. thumbs up so far


Krystia said...

'Cool runnings' hopefully with your hair troubles! I just recently cut off my permed/texturized [which i considered "dead hair" cause it was straight, when from my roots and down were 'natural'] hair on Sunday, so now I'm left with about 3-5 inches all around of my natural, semi-curled hair. I feel released, and like it's a new beginning for me; hair-wise that is! Anywho, gud luck!

A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

I wishhhh i had the nuts to do that but nah .. ill see how long i can go without a relaxer . the back of my hair like alllll the way in the back is pretty much natural cuz its only like an inch of hair there and i like twirlin the lil curls its cute but idk lol.