Monday, June 01, 2009

echhkkk!! mac

Okay so I went to MAC to try out some foundation. I really wanted studio fix because alot of ppl use it and it seems okay .. So I go and the lady just seemed bleh . She seemed like she didnt wann be there, her life sucked ... etc.WTF i just want foundation . So she says she likes the way studio sculpt feels on her face and she was BEASTIN for me to try it . Im still like nah i wanna try studio fix .She tries the sculpt one anyways so im like wtf. She ask me what color i am , i specifically say im nc50 in the powder one .. she goes oh so youre that color in all .NEGATIVE. I knew that wasnt true so im like uhmm whatever .
Anywho needless to say after she put the ashy shit on my face it was dark as hell (not that thats a problem but when youre tryna match makeup and its like 4 shades darker that what u are it is a prob).. Then Im like can you put the studio fix shes like "ugh , sure" she gets the nc50 and it looked like chocolate compared to me. Like for real if i was to get it and put it on my face ill look like a milk chocolate hershey bar. Better yet a symphony cuz i do have minor acne..So yea that looked horrible to ..
WTF im upset .
Like her customer service was yucckkkkkk!!!!!!!Now Ima just go to a mac store in nyc in friday and get something there .OOOOO and the side with the sculpt on it its all broken out :(

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