Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summer 09 update

Things have been goin quite okay . Of course some major speed bumps do pop u but for the most part everything is quite swell .
The summer is okay but i can tell now im gonna be ultra broke this summer.

Im going to HOVs concert on July 10th .
My birthday is July 17th .
July 18th or mybe even the 17th Im going to go to V.A
July 19th -S.C
July 28th-leave S.C to V.A
July 29th-leave V.A to N.J

August 1st -Americas Most Wanted tour ..

end of august going some where with stephanie

july 3-5th on one of those days I wanna watch fireworks with someone special
I wanna go to a beach in Jerz (its been years)
I wanna go to a batting cage
I want City Wide Marching Band to have atleast 4,000 by the end of the summer
I want to get about 2 tats and a piercing maybe
I want to enroll myself in a school i actually wanna be in .

I want alot lol.

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