Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Wishlist

-A DOG-Preferrebly a yorkie but any little one will do .except a chihauhau (sp)
-Necklace from Tiffany .I want one of the ones that look like a key -the really simple one in large so its like 300.
-I want to spend the day or do something that night with the people I care about up here.
-I want to be able to see another yr.. f that .I wanna be able to see about 156789098765 yrs.
-I want a little shopping spree tiny .3 shirts,2 jeans ,2 sandals,1 sneaker,2 skirts, 4 shorts ...lmao idk where i got the numbers from but yea..
-I want to get some long and obnoxious Angela Simmons weave. Its dope
-A 2 finger ring with my name on it
-someone to pay apart of my books ad tuition
-makeup from mac
-nice smelling perfume

and the biggest but i kno im not getting it

if i only get 2 things from that list ill be a.ok .. mai things i want is to be able to see mmore yrs and to spend the day with the people i love..

but the dog and the necklace will be nice too lol

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