Saturday, August 08, 2009

relationship days

Funny how I want things so bad yet I always seem to mess it up somehow . Like Me & Ivory arent done ,I cant quite say what we have but there is definitely some weirdness to our sick ass connection.Can not shake the dude .I feel like I push him away to the max .Actually I know I do .Like Ivory does have this little stuck in his ways thing going on ,but overall he is a good guy.My problem is , im so used to being "miss independent"and things going exactly how i dictate it that im not exactly diggin wen he has his own agenda.IM A JELOUS ASS FEMALE.I gotta suck it up and get over it because I may end up losing the Iv or even a really good friend. So yea WOOSAHHHH BABBBYY!!!...

So our status as of now is we are on a break . "Broke up" because of some dubness that occured on Thursday night (august 6) so now he said we need time to recollect ourselves. I made sure to find out if he was gona be involved with others n any way he assures me that he isnt. I dont really like or really aprove to be honest but im sure it will help us. I hate that Im not in control tho but I guess I have to suck that up also.Everything will be the same i guess , just no title but ehhhh w.e.. Hopefully everything works out for the best.

I wasnt really diggin that Mario song "Breakup" but i totally relate.

Ivrito ultra looks tired but i reallllllly dig this pic .. july 16 09

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