Friday, July 24, 2009


So Im on vacation and it is quite good. S.C AND V.A .... Some ups and downs . I was still working . Of course not at the greens but I had meetings and phone conferences . Some were unexpected because I met some people while I was down here . One of those meeting went very well the other one was quite fishy . They want Ivory to work for free for 6 months to a yr . Travel all over the eastcost and they dont wanna pay for nada .WTTTFFF . I mean there is a good ,but then again there isnt because all tho he getting hella exposure , it will take thousands of dollars to do all this ... Then the people had the nerve to say "those city chicks prissy". EHHHHHHH lame os. I go back to Jersey at some point on Sunday so More updates coming soon . dont forget to follow Tash on twitter.. : 0O )

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