Wednesday, November 11, 2009

+ )

Notice a diff???
YEP! ,your'e a winner .. the hair is gone.. this isnt really new I started cutting it back in like 2005 or something like that .. First cut was in V.A ... I hated my aunt for recommending it to my mom. Then kept it going with the bangs, then let my friend Brit cut it (she knew what she was doing ) ... FAST FORWARD to 2009 .I got it cut in like April or something into like a Dora Bob lol.. June into this TBOZ looking thing... Then I just got brave in August and chopped everything else off EXCEPT that long part u see in the front .. I dig it but as of yesterday I miss my hair = ( .. Good thing it grows fairly fast.I just pretty much hate that left side ... SHxxT does not stay down but ohhh well .

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