Thursday, December 31, 2009


My plans for this yr are :
to stay tune with myself.
Show confidence at all times
Dont let anything or anyone get to me , especially the ones who I feel isn't really worth it .Even if the person is worth it , don't let the person stress me or bring me down.
Learn to take a chill pill.
Treat others how they deserved to be treated.
Stop arguing so much .
Find a way to have patience .
Stay true to me .
Stop complaining so much , and let minor things that won't really matter slide.
Eat healthy and get my body right . Not just the body but my mind ,and soul to .
I need to keep my word .
I also wanna go to atleast two places far from here
Go to a few concerts
Have a car , and apt .

LMAOOOO is that all i accomplished this year??


Look_man said...

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A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

thanks =)