Friday, May 28, 2010

LAW #3

Lately I have been getting into the 48 Laws of Power ;they are o.d interesting ... Google it ,

Law #3 = Conceal Your Intentions

I really need to get in tune with this law. I feel like everyone always knows my next move and even if they know my next move, my intentions are always viewed wrong COMPLETELY all the way through .I need to really be this secret that I used to be . Keep people guessing in a sense.I keep dwelling on my past but in 08 i really felt like I was the jam mentally . Felt like my whole vibe just spoke power .Now I just speak my mind , and say fuck the world ..take it how you want . That is no buenoooo! ...I think I have to put my thinking cap on and somehow find away to do what I need to do , have people thinking the exact opposite and then realize what I was doing once it is done ... GENIUS!

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