Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Best Friend .
Or should I say ex-best friend , Tiara Tyson ... Idk what happened with us but i think its pretty damn lame how you just up and leave our friendship . I did nothing wrong to you and yet you ,just left ?? Like c'mon son , did college make you too cool??I know people grow apart , I am okay with understanding that . I understand that people turn on you but there is always a right and wrong way to go about things.You definitely went the wrong way to do this . I would definitely be lying if I said I didn't miss you ,or that Im not hurt by you ,but "fuck it , things happen " right???? I would be way more settled and have so much more closure if you would have just answered one text , one call , one facebook message , a tweet , anything . You could have easily just been like Tash I hate you . That would have been fine . I guess you wanted someone to chase you , well I chased you ... that ish got old preeeeety quick. I wish you the best in life .DUECEZ
It sucks when you have no one on the same page as you . Many days I wish I had a best friend who I can run to and just be me with . People are so aggy or loved up to even realize im here . That sucks. I need someone who wont agree with me just because . I need someone who will straight up be like "Bitch , shut ya ass up." I need someone who will help with my self - esteem instead of knocking it down like most people do . I am okay with realizing everyone wont like how you look but I am not okay with the spiteful ass comments people make because I dont look like them . I WONT EVER LOOK LIKE ANYONE ELSE !!! FUCK YOU , AND THOSE DUSTY ASS AIR FORCES YOURE STILLLLL WEARING . (no offense to anyone wearing air forces , to each its own . The point I was trying to make was dont come at me when you look , smell , dress the same , and think the same as everyone else.)I need someone who is okay with me crying to them at 3 in the morning about the same thing over and over. I need someone who i can randomly go somewhere with , randomly discuss makeup with . I want to be like hey girl lets go get our 'ginaz waxed ... . The same scene gets pretty lame , and boring ... ANYWHOOT !!! Best friend , whoever you are ,if I ever find you ... Im going to lock ya ass up ,and burry the key in Australia somewhere . HAHAHA ::IM SERIOUS :: =)

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