Saturday, August 07, 2010


Letter #2 .. yea i know I'm a couple days late but ehhh Blog police wont beat me up , I'm sure.

My crush ..

Dear Crush ,
You know exactly who you are .I LOVE YOU . I love who you are . I love your motive , ambition , your drive , what you stand for ,your goals , your everything . I know that this is crazy to say but I honestly do . Yes , you get on my nerves . Yes , sometimes I want to tell you to stfu ,and get over yourself but all in all you rock my socks.We could take over the world (seriously , we are two smart asses lol ) ...I know why we wouldn't be the perfect match RIGHT NOW but until i can realize or fully accept the fact that I can deal with you talking to someone else ,you're alllll mine ::evil voice :: lol jk. On a serious note , i respect you so much . Never knew someone could hold me down like this . I feel almost complete , even under our crazy ass circumstances ... BOGUS!! .. I'm not even sure if you can be considered a crush though , I had a thing for you for almost two years now .. hmmm!!!


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