Friday, September 03, 2010


Sept.1 ---

Eyes closed , windows 75% down , sunroof back ,2:58 am ;not a care in the world.Mind is at ease and that feels so new to me . I look over to my left and have a huge grin on the inside. It feels like I waited all my life for this moment right here. I hope this isn't the calm before a storm but honestly how I feel now , I probably wouldn't care if the storm was "Katrina". Vibin to Drake ,ironic because I just saw his special on MTV not to long ago . (Literally about half hr ago). "Only tryna get ahead"is all i'm hearing Drake say. I don't wanna o.d but I want this forever. Gotta play my cards right. I gotta get my mind right.Astonished and Amazed . Is this love? Who knows ?.... I do know this is comfortable.

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