Friday, September 03, 2010


Recently I have encountered a few of the same situations , mainly with my amigos.

--If YOU are a sidechick , leave a comment or something below with the answer PLEASE--

I really do not understand how a side chick will boast , brag ,and talk about how the "wifey" is dumb for whatever reason when in actuality SHE is the dumb one.

Why is the sidechick always so content with knowing she "took" someone else's man?
Why is the sidechick always the one to be like 'HAHAHAHA YOUR THE SIDE CHICK' does that make you look?
Ladies ,you must have morals ,and if you don't GOOGLE how to get some.WTF!! If you ever said something like "yea ,he gonna leave her." "she dumb as hell for staying with him , cuz he with me now." or anything in that nature you're a dumb ass. IT IS OFFICIAL.

I don't agree with the sidechick and "wife" thing at all . ONE OR THE OTHER. Guys will fuck it all up for a night of new pussy . Guys will get to know a female , give her some attention then all of a sudden she thinks she is some type of importance to your life. Meanwhile ,you're stuck looking like the dumbass in the end . Yes, you have "backup" for the time being ,but now you have an ultra dumbass just happy she got you and not willing to do half the things the "wife" did. Yes, it may be a "new" feeling arguing , no bs , straight laughs EVENTUALLY that shit will stop . GET IT TOGETHER LADIES.


Gerry said...

I am not a side chick, but i left my husband on suspicion of a side chick. They are just hos!

A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE.It sucks that people are so content with being the other woman.

Anonymous said...

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your go to girl said...

i hear ya chick! check out my blog sometime. i think we got some similar views!

Creator said...

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