Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday, Halloween kinda sucked . I knew my original school girl plans got destroyed but I thought I was gonna chill with someone but ehhhh something came up :( ...At work i got major compliments . I didnt even look good at all in my opinion but no one ever saw me with any type of makeup that really shows or really like a girl or whatever ... anywhoot ill post a pic .. anywhoot I am ultra tired but im indirectly waiting for a phone call lol . Like im hopin i get the call, hopin i get the call, look at the phone every so often to make sure its still on type thing but w.e I think in approximately 3 minutes im goin to sleep.No nvm im goin to sleep now ..but wait ::::EVERYONE.. please be safe . Be ultra cautious these days way to many things are happening .. I know that was random but things are getting ridiculous . talk to you next time :) , Happy November 1st

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