Sunday, November 02, 2008

Things I hate

ureHate is a strong word but Dislike didn't seem strong enough so hey .. I hate when people owe me money . whether is 1200.00 , 200.00 ,20.00 , 2.00, 20 cents or 2 cents . I don't care I hate it . Like , if you know u borrowed it , just offer it back , That doesn't mean I'm going to take it but just like u needed it b4 , I may need it now , Don't be inconsiderate especially if I did you the favor of LENDING it to you in the first place. I hate when people don't call back .I don't know why and I know I'm in love with my phone more than the average ,but I hattttteeee when I call someone and they call me back whenever they please. Send a text , email , air signal, flare, or something that will let me know you cant call me back or something . Unless its death i would really rather someone somehow let me know you cant call back instead of having me wait . HMMM waiting .. Speaking of waiting , I hate waiting on people for a lonnggg period of time . Let me know plans are cancelled , or post poned , or pushed back PLEASE..I hate the feeling of not knowing . If I'm worried about someone or if idk what going on that kills me . Like if me and a person aren't talking and i really don't know why it KILLS me , or if i know something and its on the top of my brain and i still DON'T know it sucks lol . I hate ignorance. I hate open straws or bottle tops lol ... weird but i really do hate them lol..... PLEASEEE don't think I'm negative or anything , things i hate just came to mind so i decided to write about it ..... until next time which will be in about 10 minutes lol .. ttys :)

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