Sunday, November 09, 2008


Let me begin by saying Happy Sunday!.. I had a good day yesterday even though it was kinda sad majority of the day but ill get into that later.

Okay ... I am SOOOOOO sick and tired of these lame ass guys coming into my girls lives.Im definately not saying everything on my end is great but sheesh . Im not better than anyone , let me repeat Im not better than anyone ,but i think my tolerance level is almost non existent. I put up with alot . Ive been through rough things so to me if I can deal with it for awhile , I will . Once you reach the point of me not tolerating b.s anymore than thats it . Anywho , Guys ...I know there are GREAT guys out there. I know that there are guys that arent only about sex.I said only about sex because women got needs too lol..
I know that some guys can be snake-ish but the things im hearing are fn ridiculous.If you need something , or want something bad WORK FOR IT . There is no reason people have to steal money , or anything else. I mean stealing is bad anyway you look at it but I think i would be more lenient on people who have to steal food ,especially if its for a baby . I know some jobs dont pay enough for people to get by in life, and even more people cant really afford to better there education for more oppurtunities with or without financial aid,but still you do what you have to do . There are people out there working 3 jobs just to be able to make sure their child(ren) are eating , there lights are on or whatever else they may need. If these people can get up and do what they need to do , I DONT WANT TO HEAR EXCUSES.
If you are a grown ass man (or female) do what you have to do LEGALLY to get what you want/need. You bring yourself to manipulate people , someone who you know is very giving , and pretty much just needs love ,affection and attention, to take some shit you could easily get if ya ass wasnt to lazy to work for ya shit .You are pathetic to the world . Go hide yourself in a corner and play with the things you stole for the rest of your life because trust and believe you will not amount to anything in the long run . Let your girl know that youre not who you try to make yourself seem. You walk around like you are Captain Morgan with your leg propped up chillin and shit all the time . Its a shame how you let someone in your life , they lie to you steal from you , and you give them another chance because things sound better than they did last time .I know they say fooled me once shame on you , fooled me twice shame on me ,but sometimes you cant help how you feel .Dont feel like your dumb (you kno who you are) , at the same time PLEASE MAKE SMARTER DECISIONS . I love you to death and i would do whatever for you ,you will get over this in due time . Im not religious (although i felt something yesterday ,but will talk about that in another post) ,but PRAY about this . Allow GOD to come into your life . As my friend said , once you let God take over , everything else will fall into place.
Excuse my language in this one .... UNTIL NEXT TIME:)

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