Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hancock has been on my mind for a good part of the day for some "insanely weird" reason lol. Just like in Hancock (sorry if youve never see it )it was cute because he had a connection with the lady , they met before and it was weird to see the person again . They never stopped connecting and somehow they always found a way back to each other to connect again . I would imagine that it is the weirdest feeling ever to connect with someone or feel like you've known someone for forever or that you've met them previously ,but in actuallity the person is a complete stranger and there is no way you really have met the person .HMMMMM ...I CAN NOT GET HANCOCK off my brain , and i only have the movie on my ipod and online . I think i might just go buy that later on today . I NNEEEEDDD to see it lol like RIGHT NOW lol

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♥Miss T said...

girl u think 2 much ... lol ... inspector gagdet