Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I ABSOFUCKINGLOUTELY HATE IDIOTS.... if you just got offended by that first line then youre probably one of them . I dont mean to come at anyone wrong , or i dont even mean to be writing this but its my blog , and the purpose is to state whats on my mind.Anywho, for the longest ive been letting shit slide , beat around the bush with things and letting s things go . I snap at the people who care about me , while I treat the people who could care less about me do whatever the fuck they want . Look you are a ROYAL PIECE of shit . TOP OF THE LINE CRUD!.I dontt know how else to say it . All I ever tried to do was be cool with u , then u lie and all this other b.s for about what 2 yrs now ..EH you are to freaking cool for me.I let ya dumbass slide , letting u back in my life constantly because i just knew u was a "great friend" .... FCK U lol..AND YOU ...u will reap what you sow for real. They tell u to treat others how you treat them , NEGATIVE CAPTAIN. Im gonna treat people how I feel they deserved to be treated because me treating them good and all this other b.s is definately not working . People get so much handed to them that they act so dumb when they actually ahve to do stuff.LIKE DUMBASS U DO HAVE TO WORK FOR WHATS YOURS. YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN EFFORT TO KEEP THINGS. Eh! I guess some people realize when they realize that they arent always gonna be breastfed anymore.OHHH and as far as relationship goes... im not saying i am the best girlfriend out there but i do try to keep what i want . I know I do to much and other women would be like wtf is wrong with you but im only thinkin the same about u so ...stfu ...sorry this blog was all over but whatever . I hate IDIOTS.

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